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Hooray for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team!!!

I was so glad to see the Cardinals snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in Game 6 of the World Series and go on to beat the Rangers in Game 7.

I am partial to the Cardinals because my nephew lives in St. Louis and he is a Cardinals fan.  But it goes deeper than that – I also hate the Rangers for two reasons:  they were owned by the ex-President George Bush and they used to be the Senators and they also left the DC area.

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Well the Redskins officially suck again this year

How do you start 3-1 and then end up 3-4 and lose 23-0 to a team that you should beat?

And to add insult to injury I found out my season tickets in club are going up 14% in price.  Not happening – there is no way I’m going to spend over $380 per game to go see the product the Redskins are putting on the field.

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