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Michael Jackson Night – Melanie Outclasses Everyone

An absolutely stellar performance of a Michael Jackson song that other artists just don’t touch.

And Melanie pulls it off with complete expertise!!!  What a way to close the show – with a performance that is head and shoulders above anyone else that hit the stage that evening.

And the end of the song – the note she hit was absolutely unbelievable.

LA Reid forgot he was watcing a competition and thought he was at a Melanie Amaro concert and then takes a shot at Simon.  L.A. can’t just pay a compliment and leave at there – he has to take a shot at Simon.


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My Oh My!!!! Melanie goes to church!!!

Melanie singing “The World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly was absolutely stellar!!!  The power, the range, the intensity is amazing.

And I love the Virgin Islands accent!!!

Two acts go home and Melanie had better not be one of them.

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Not crazy about the song – or L. A. Reid

Not crazy about the song choice, “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.  It is a rock song but it certainly wasn’t rock style.  She should certainly not be voted off for this performance.  The groups are horrible…

And L.A. Reid is an idiot…

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Melanie nails it again

Melanie sings “Man in the Mirror” and shows she is so much better than everyone else on the show.

This girl can sing and is the class of the field.

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X-Factor Update – Amaro Nails It — AGAIN

Well – I was surprised that Simon picked Desparado for Melanie – but she absolutely nailed the song.

Pitch perfect and powerful the entire song through – WHAT A VOICE!!!!!  A $5 Million voice…

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I admit it – I watch X-Factor

I am watching X-Factor – mostly to see Paula and Simon spar.  But I almost stopped watching it when Simon didn’t put Melanie Amaro through.  Thank goodness he came to his senses.

I’m convinced that the whole “Melanie is out, Melanie is in” was staged by Simon.

But I’m getting ready to watch her perform live and if she goes home I’ll stop watching the show.

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