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Nuf said – the one that deserved to win did.  Plain and simple.

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Odd final performance night

I really think that the X Factor duets were pretty pointless.  The contestants were criticized for letting established stars upstage them.  What were they supposed to do, disrespect the star they were paired with?

I just don’t understand them criticizing Melanie for not singing in her key with R Kelley – it was his song and his key.  She did a fantastic job with it anyway.

I also thought the full-circle performance of “Listen” was fantastic.  It really showed how far she has come since the audition in Miami.

Melanie needs to win… period.  Otherwise the show is a farce.

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What a Melanie night

I don’t understand Paula’s comments about changing the major chords to minor chords being a bad thing.  I actually really liked the fact that the song sounded completely different than the Mariah Carey version of the song and that Melanie “made it her own”.   At least L.A. Reid couldn’t criticize the song choice – of course, he had to mention that he couldn’t because America had chosen the song.

And her rendition of “Feeling Good” a Nina Simone song made popular again by Michael Buble was absolutely amazing.  He voice is impecable and the range that she showed on this song was incredible.  There was nothing about her performance that could even be remotely criticized.

She has to win the whole thing.  If she doesn’t win X-Factor something is seriously wrong with the perception of talent in this country.

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Look out Adele!!!

I think Melanie did Adele better than Adele.  Not my favorite Adele song but I liked the faster tempo in the Melanie version.  I would have rather had Melanie sing “Rolling in the Deep” if she was going to do Adele.

The Whitney/Mariah song “When You Believe” even though well sung was predictable.  Not my favorite but she sang it phenomenally well and I’d rather lister to Melanie sing it than Whitney/Mariah.

It’s still amazing to me that she has never been “pitchy” the entire season through and never missed a note.

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