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Congratulations to Leander Paes!!!

Congratulation Leander Paes on your 7th Mens Doubles Grand Slam title and the Career Grand Slam – The Aussie Open was the missing jewel in the crown and now it’s there.

Fantastic Leander – looking forward to this July with you on the Kastles.

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Congratulations to Vika!!!

I am so happy that Victoria Azarenka (“Vika”) beat Maria Sharapova to win the Australian Open Women’s Singles title.  Now she needs to stop grunting and squealing all the time.

If Serena couldn’t win then I wanted Vika to win – I can’t stand Maria Sharapova.

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Ugh!!! Patriots and Giants both won

Oh well, I wanted the Patriots to lose and they won and I wanted the Giants to lose and they won.  I guess I now want the Giants to win because I can’t stand New England (and the Ravens were robbed).

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Hope the Giants and Patriots Lose This Weekend

Well I am hoping for a San Francisco versus Baltimore Super Bowl with Baltimore winning it all.  I would love to see Michael Oher get a Super Bowl ring.

I have to root for San Francisco to beat the Giants since it’s the Giants.  And I have to root for Baltimore to beat the Patriots since it’s the Patriots.

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USA Men’s Tennis is HURTING!!!

I was really disappointed to see the US mens tennis players basically bomb out at the Australian Open.

It was especially disappointing to see Andy Roddick go out of the tournament with a hamstring injury.  I had really looked forward to seeing him play mixed doubles with Serena Williams.

As of this writing it appears as if Vania King is going to go down against Ana Ivanovic and Serena will be the only USA player left in the singles events.

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Talk about shocking

Two big time surprises this weekend.  The Packers losing to the Giants and I am actually surprised that New Orleans lost.

Well I think that Baltimore will beat New England and that San Francisco will beat the Giants.

I will definitely be rooting for Baltimore if they are in the Super Bowl.

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