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Kastles Regular Season Completed – 14-0 Undefeated!!!

Well the Kastles did it – another undefeated regular season.  Next stop:  The Eastern Conference Championship on September 15 against the New York Sportimes.  The winning streak is now up to 30 matches in a row.

Bobby Reynolds started out the evening by beating Devin Britton 5-2 in Mens Singles.  Then Edina Gallovits-Hall and Raquel Kops-Jones took out Liga Dekmerijere and Maria Sanchez in Womens Doubles 5-2 for an overall lead of 10-4.  Then Treat Huey and Raquel Kops-Jones won over Devin Britton and Maria Sanchez 5-3 for an overall score of 15-7 at intermission.

After intermission Edina Gallovits-Hall wasted no time and won Womens Singles over Maria Sanchez 5-2 for an overall score of 20-9.  Then a slight hiccup – Devin Britton and Amir Weintraub won Mens Doubles over Bobby Reynolds and Treat Huey 5-4 for an overall score of 24-14 and force overtime.  Bobby and Treat wasted no time and one the first game in overtime to end the match at an overall score of 25-14.


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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 13-0

Well the Kastles took the next step towards a second undefeated regular season by beating the Kansas City Explorers in Kansas City 22-17 on July 27.

Bobby Reynolds started out by beating Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi 5-1 in Mens Singles.  Then Tetiana Luzhanska and Chanel Simmonds mounted a small rally for the Explorers by taking Womens Doubles over Edina Gallovits-Hall and Raquel Kops-Jones 5-2.  Overall Score 7-6.

Treat Huey and Raquel Kops-Jones won Mixed Doubles 5-4 over Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi and Tetiana Luzhanska 5-4, overall score 12-10.

Edina Gallovits-Hall mounted her own rally by defeating Chanel Simmonds 5-3 for an overall score of 17-13 with Mens Doubles the remaining event.

Treat Huey and Bobby Reynolds won Mens Doubles over Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi and Nick Monroe by a score of 5-4 in a tiebreak to lock up the match with an overall score of 22-17.

That makes 13-0 for the season and 29 in a row.  One more regular season match on July 28.  Here’s hoping for 14-0.

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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 12-0

Ok.  This was the match I was really worried about.  Kastles versus New York Sportimes without Leander, Anastasia, Venus and Serena.

It started out with Bobby Reynolds beating Jesse Witten in Mens Doubles 5-3.

Then Raquel Kops-Jones and Edina Gallovits-Hall took out Ashley Harkleroad and Martina Hingis in Womens Doubles 5-2.  Overall Score – Kastles 10-5.

Next up Mens Doubles.  Treat Huey and Bobby Reynolds took on Robert Kendrick and John McEnroe and took the set 5-3.  Overall Score – Kastels 15-8.

Then Edina Gallovits-Hall took on Martina Hingis in Womens Singles.  Unfortunately Martina took the set 5-1.  Overall Score – Kastles 16-13.

The final event was Mixed Doubles with Treat Huey and Raquel Kops-Jones facing John McEnroe and Martina Hingis.  The upstart Kastles’ pair took out the two multiple slam winners 5-3 and won the match by winning the final event so overtime was not required.

Final Score:  Kastles: 21  Sportimes: 16.

12-0 on the season and 28 in a row!!!

Next up – Kansas City.

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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 11-0

OK.  The Kastles keep on rolling even without the Williams sisters, Leander Paes and Anastasia Rodionova. 

Things started out with Treat Huey and Raquel Kops-Jones taking Mixed Doubles 5-3.

Womens Doubles played by Raquel Kops-Jones and Edina Galovits-Hall was won by Philadelphia 5-2 making the overall score 8-7 with Philadelphia in the lead.

Mens Doubles was next up with Treat Huey and Bobby Reynolds losing to Philadelphia in a tie breaker for a score of 5-4 in Mens Doubles and the overall score 13-11 with Philadelphia still in the lead.

Next up was Womens Singles with Edina Gallovits-Hall defeating Kristyna Pliskova 5-3 which brought the overal score to a 16-16 tie.

Bobby “The Closer” Reynolds took the court in a familiar situation: the fate of the Kastles match was on his raquet.  Bobby held serve at love in the first game and then broke Gregorc’s serve for a 2-0 lead in the event.  Bobby held serve again and then broke Gregorc’s serve a second time.  Bobby won the last game 4-2 and took the event 5-0 for an overall score of 21-16 Kastles.

Kastles are now 11-0 and have 3 matches left on the road to finish the regular season.  The overal winning streak is 27 matches in a row so they now stand alone in second place for all major league sports teams.  Only the LA Lakers have a longer winning streak of 33 games in a row.

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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 10-0

OK.  I had some concerns when Venus Williams staged the amazing come-from-behind win last night in New York that there might be a letdown tonight.

Venus came out with Anastasia Rodionova to play Womens Doubles against the Kansas City Explorers.  Venus had won the Womens Singles in New York on Saturday evening 5-1.  I guess Venus likes the score of 5-1 because that was the score in Womens Doubles.  After the first event, 5-1 Kastles.

Venus stayed on court to play Womens Singles so she could “get out of dodge” to head off to London for the 2012 Olympics.  Venus definitely likes 5-1 as a score – that’s the score she racked up during the Womens Singles.  After the second event, Kastles 10-2.

Mark Ein became the emcee on court and got the home crowd to give a rousing send-off to the Olympians that are on the Kastles team.  Venus spoke, Anastasia spoke and Leander spoke – Leander said that he was not only playing for India in London but also for his Kastles fans in Washington.  Venus headed out to the airport and Leander and Anastasia stayed at the match and are headed to London on Monday.

Bobby Reynolds and Leander Paes took the court to play Mens Doubles against Nick Monroe and Aisam-Ul-Haw Quershi of the Explorers.  The Kastles made it three events in a row – Kastles take the event 5-3 for an overall score of 15-5 at intermission.

After intermission, Leander and Anastasia took the court to play Mixed Doubles and took that event 5-3 for an overall score of 20-8.

Kansas City was done winning games at that point with Mens Singles the last event still to be played.  Bobby Reynolds broke serve every time he faced Nick Monroe’s service game for a 5-0 win in Mens Singles and the final overall score of 25-8.

So the streak continues and goes to 10-0.  When the Kastles face Philadelphia on Tuesday they will be without the services of the Williams sisters, Anastasia Rodionova and Leander Paes.  Treat Huey and Raquel Kops-Jones join the team for the remainder of the regular season as substitutes for Anastasia Rodionova and Leander Paes.  So the events play out as follows:

  • Mens Singles – Bobby Reynolds
  • Womens Singles – Edina Gallovits-Hall
  • Mens Doubles – Treat Huey and Bobby Reynolds
  • Womens Doubles – Edina Gallovits-Hall and Raquel Kops-Jones
  • Mixed Doubles – Treat Huey and Edina Gallvoits-Hall or Raquel Kops-Jones

We will see what happens for the last 4 matches of the season and if the subs can hold off Philadelphia (home), New York (away, Randalls Island), Kansas City (away) and Springfield (away).  I think the team can beat Philadelphia at home and Kansas City away. 

The two touchy ones are New York and Springfield.  The Kastles won in Springfield 20-18 at the beginning of the season so this match could go either way this coming week with Leander and Anastasia not with the team. 

Same with New York.  The first meeting was in DC with the Kastles winning 20-18.  Then the come-from-behind with Super TieBreak win in NY, 21-20. 

We shall see.  As of the match against Kansas City tonight the Kastles are 10-0, 26 in  a row. 

The only longer consecutive win streak in professional sports teams is the 33 game winning streak by the LA Lakers during the 1971 and 1972 seasons.  As of this date, the Kastles streak of 26-0 ties the New York Giants streak of 26 games in 1916.  The longest streak in the NFL is the New England Patriots 21 game winning streak in 2003-2004.  The longest streak in the WNBA is the Los Angeles Sparks streak of 18 wins in 2001.  The longest streak in the NHL was a 17 win streak by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1992-1993.  And the longest MLS winning streak is 15 wins by the Los Angeles Galaxy in 1997-1998.

If they Kastles win on Tuesday they will be in second place.  They would have to complete this season as a perfect season and win the first match of next year’s season to match the Lakers streak of 33 wins.  You never know…

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Kardiac Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 9-0 – SUPER TIEBREAK WIN

Well this has to be the highlight match of the year for Kastles fans.  The New York Sportimes were gunning for our Kastles.  They wanted to end the 24-0 winning streak that Kastles have had going since the beginning of last season.

Bobby and Leander came out for the Kastles and won Mens Doubles 5-4 in a tiebreak.  But then the trouble began.

Venus and Leander took the court and against Martina Hingis and Robert Kendrick in Mixed Doubles and lost 5-3.  Overall score 9-8 Sportimes.

Then Bobby returned to the court to play Jesse Witten in Mens Singles.  Unfortunately Jesse Witten took the event 5-2 and the overall score stretched to 14-10 in favor of the Sportimes.

Womens Doubles was next up and Martina Hingis and Ashley Harkleroad took that event 5-3 for an overall score of 19-13.

At this point the Kastles unbeaten streak was seriously in danger of being snuffed out by the Sportimes.  The only hope was for Venus Williams to beat Martina Hingis in the Womens Singles, force overtime, tie the match up in overtime, force a Super TieBreak and win that Super TieBreak, a daunting task at best.

Venus went up 2-0 after breaking Hingis’ serve and even though Hingis won 1 games, Venus broke her again and won the last event 5-1 in only 19 minutes to bring the overall score to 20-18 Sportimes and forcing Overtime.

Hingis served the first game of Overtime and Venus broke her serve to bring the overall score to 20-19 Sportimes.  Venus then served to force a Super TieBreak and was down 1-3 with three match points against her.  Venus fought off all of them and won the game to bring the match to an overall score of 20-20 in only 7 minutes and force the Super TieBreak.

Venus was in the zone going into the Super TieBreak and stayed in that zone.  Venus reeled off 7 straight points in 5 minutes to win the Super TieBreak 7-0 and the Kastles get the match win at 21-20.

And the streak continues – 25 wins in a row.  Next up Kansas City at home on Sunday, July 22, 2012.


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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 8-0

Well, still at home sick (hope to be better to see the next home match on Sunday when Venus returns to DC).  Thanks goodness the match was on Live Streaming so I could at least watch the match.

Bobby got off to an unusal start – he lost Mens Doubles in a tie break.  5-4 Breakers.

But Anastasia Rodionova came storming back to win the Womens Singles 5-2 and put the Kastles up 9-7.

Then Bobby and Leander took the court in Mens Doubles, went up 4 games to 0 and 3-1 in the point score and then the rain came.  After a rain delay, they moved to the match to the backup indoor facility at Hains Point and the Kastles came out and won the first point to take the Mens Doubles 5-0, overall score, 14-7.

Then Edina Gallovits-Hall joined Anastasia Rodionova to take the Womens Doubles 5-4 in a tiebreak.  Score: 19-11 Kastles.

The final event was Mixed Doubles and Leander and Anastasia took that one 5-2 for an overall score of 24-13.

The Kastles streak continues at 24 in a row and it’s off to Troy, NY with Venus Williams to play the Sportimes.


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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 7-0

Well, I am home sick so I missed the Sacramento Capitals – Washington Kastles match in person but I did watch it on live stream.

It was a tight match, the Capitals fought off three match points in the tiebreak of the fifth event, Mixed Doubles to take the tiebreak in Mixed and force overtime.

The Capitals took the first overtime game on the serve of Mark Knowles and then it was the Kastles turn, still up 20-19.  There was a dispute about who was to serve for the Kastles.  It was determined that Anastasia Rodionova was to serve for the Kastles and she pulled it out – the Kastles won her service game and won the match 21-19.

So the Kastles extend their season record to 7-0 and an overall streak of 23 in a row.

Next up – Orange County Breakers on July 20, 2012

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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 6-0

The Kastles handed the Boston Lobsters a 24-19 Friday the 13th loss in Boston and beat them when they visited Washington on July 16, 2012.

Venus Williams received her 2011 Championship Ring in the pre-match ceremony after team introductions.  Then Venus took the court with Leander Paes and won Mixed Doubles in a mere 18 minutes with a score of 5-1.  Venus stayed on the court and paired with Anastasia Rodionova and repeated a 5-1 win over the Lobsters.  Next event brought Leander Paes back to the court to play doubles with Bobby Reynolds and they took the Mens Doubles 5-0.  It was 15-2 at intermission.  Then Irina Falconi stunned the crowd by taking the Womens Singles 5-0 over Venus Williams.  But Bobby “The Closer” Reynolds came back to the court to take Mens Singles over Jan-Michael Gambill in a tiebreak to win 5-4 and seal the Kastles win over Boston 20-11.

This match was pretty special because First Lady Michelle Obama, her mother (Marian Robinson) and daughters Malia and Sasha were in attendance to see Venus Williams play with the Kastles.  Also, Lavar Arrington was in the stands with his family to see the Kastles take out the Lobsters.

Next up – the Sacramento Capitals featuring Sam Querry.

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Kastles Season Continues – Kastles Record: 5-0

And the wins just keep on comin’!!!

Sunday night, July 15 was USTA Family Night and also celebrated the induction of Mark Ein, Mary Boswell and Ernie Mosby into the Mid-Atlantic Tennis Hall of Fame.

I would venture to say that Mark Ein is the best owner in the WTT.  Mark has taken care of his employees, volunteers, players and fans since the inception of the Kastles.  Mark Ein is the type of a team owner a fan hopes for.  Mark is in it for the right reasons and it shows.

Right before the match was scheduled to start, the heavens opened and we experienced a good old fashioned Washington July storm.  After the rain stopped, the match started an hour late.

But it only took the locomotive known as the Washington Kastles only 109 minutes to dispatch the Philadelphia Freedoms 22-13.  The Kastles won 4 out of the 5 events with Bobby “The Closer” Reynolds taking the final event, Men Singles in a 5-1 rout that only took 18 minutes.

Boy, oh, boy – 5 – 0 and Venus Williams up next!!!

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