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Anna’s Bat Mitzvah!!!

I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri on May 28, 2013 for my great niece’s Bat Mitzah.  For those of you that don’t know what a Bat Mitzvah is, it is a Jewish worship service, typically on Saturday morning, that signifies the 13 year old girl or boy (Bar Mitzvah) becoming an adult in the religion.

My nephew and his wife, Sam and Karen Platt, did an amazing job of planning the Bat Mizvah and it went smoothly.  Other than the tornado warning we had on Friday evening during Friday night services at the synagogue things were pretty uneventful and things went off like clockwork.  Karen lit the sabbath candles at the beginning of Friday night services, Anna did several prayers during the service conducted by “Rabbi Joe” and we then had to move to the lobby of Temple Emanuel so we could have quick access to rooms without windows in the event a tornado touched down.  After a short while, the rabbi continued with the service in the lobby.  After the services concluded (thankfully without a tornado touching down) we had the Oneg Shabbat afterwards.  We then had a two hour trek back to the hotel, complete with interstate highways being closed and having to find an alternate route to get home.

On Saturday morning we were fortunate that the roads were back to normal.  This was Rabbi Joe’s last Bat/Bar Mitzvah service since he is 85 years old and was semi-retired, now retired.  Anna did an outstanding job with her Torah and Haftorah portions.  I was fortunate enough to be honored to do one of the Aliyahs.  An Aliyah is the prayer said before and after the reading of a Torah portion.

After the service we continued the celebration with a luncheon for 140 people.  Later that evening there was a party for 100 guests (many kids included) complete with DJ, photo booth and “kid’s finger food”.  The slogan for the Bat Mitzvah was “Shalom Y’All” since Karen and her family are from Mississippi.  Karen’s sister Vicki helped with several of the food items for the luncheon and Karen’s sister-in-law Tammi did an amazing job with the floral arrangements.

“Total Family Productions” did themselves proud in pulling off the Bat Mitzvah celebration.

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