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Enough Said – Kastles Four Peat
Beat Lasers 25-13

What can I say – Kastles make it four in a row with a 25-13 win over the Lasers and sweep all five events.

Bobby Reynolds played his final Men’s Single event for the Kastles and took out Michael Russell 5-4 in a 9 point tiebreak.  That brought the Kastles locomotive from a stand still to “steaming” start.

It then was Martina Hingis’ turn to be the Fireman of the locomotive.  Martina lost the first two games of the set but then stormed back to win 5 games in a row and the event 5-2 for an overall lead of 10-6.

Then Bobby Reynolds took the court with Leander Paes for the Men’s Doubles Event which was to be Bobby’s last set as a Kastle.  Like Martina’s event, Bobby and Leander took the Men’s Doubles by a margin of 5-2 for a halftime score of 15-8.  Bobby played every match possible in his 5 years as a Kastle – every match in the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons including every playoff game and the four finals in the four-peat.  Bobby was the only Kastles’ player to play every single match of the 34 win streak.

With a 15-8 lead at halftime, the end result looked promising – but in WTT no lead is safe.  Martina Hingis and Anastasia Rodionova took the court in Women’s Doubles with the locomotive at full speed and in need of two driven “firemen”.  Martina and “A-Rod” did not disappoint and took the Women’s Singles event 5-1 for an overall lead of 20-9.

Martina and Leander took the court and sealed the 2014 WTT Championship in a tiebreak to win the event 5-4 and an overall final score of 25-13.

Bobby will be missed – he will always be the “Kastles Kloser”.  Oh well, another 11 months without World Team Tennis – it might just feel like 22 months.  Hopefully the Kastles will be at the Smith Center again in 2015 and I will finally be able to use the Silver Line Metro to get to the matches without sitting in traffic to get to the West Falls Church or East Falls Church stations and will cut out the $7.00 in tolls to get to either station.

The Kastles win their fourth WTT Championship in a row on July 27, 2014

The Kastles win their fourth WTT Championship in a row on July 27, 2014

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It Was An Atypical Season For The Kastles
But They Are In The WTT Finals

It was an atypical season for the Kastles after their first loss of the season at home on July 14, 2014 against the San Diego Aviators.

The Kastles had a “day off” for the Charity Classic played at Kastles Stadium at The Smith Center on July 15, 2014.

Then the Texas Wild came into town on July 16, 2014 with Venus Williams playing for the Kastles.  Venus lost the Women’s Singles in a 9 point tiebreaker but played brilliant Women’s Doubles with Martina Hingis.  The Kastles won 23-18.

Then the Kastles went on a three game road trip.  First stop was Philadelphia on July 17, 2014 and Philadelphia won 22-17 including a 5-0 Women’s Singles event played by Venus and Anastasia.  Martina Hingis was not on the road trip with the Kastles.

They then went to Springfield (without Venus and Martina) on July 18, 2014 and lost to Springfield 24-10 for the worst loss in Kastles history.  That brought their record to 7-3.

Fortunately they bounced back in Boston on July 19, 2014 (my birthday, thank you Kastles for the present) and beat the Lobsters 23-19 to bring their record to 8-3.

Then back to Smith Center for another match against Boston on July 21, 2014.  Martina was back on the court and the Kastles beat Boston 25-9 including a forfeit of Women’s Doubles (which the chair umpire may have handled incorrectly – more on that later).  That brought their record to 9-3 and a playoff spot was clinched.

The Kastles hosted Springfield on July 22, 2014 with Sloane Stephens playing and Martina Hingis playing.  As a lot of us season ticket holders kind of expected that the “FLOTUS” ( Michelle Obama), her mother and two daughters would be in attendance and they were.  At intermission all of the players from Springfield and Washington went backstage to meet the First Lady and get photos with her.  Sloane Stephens even surprised her mom Sybil by getting her to come “backstage” to meet the First Lady – Sybil went back without knowing what was going on and was taken by surprise when she got to meet the First Lady.  The Kastles won the match 23-15 and Philadelphia lost guaranteeing Washington the top seed in the Eastern Conference.  With that top seed clinched, that meant there would be tennis at The Smith Center on Thursday, July 24, 2014.


They went to Philadelphia on July 23, 2014 to complete the regular season and ended up losing the final event, losing two games in overtime and losing the super tiebreaker.  The Kastles were upset.

Back to D.C. for the Eastern Conference Championship on July 24, 2014.

The first event was Men’s Singles and Bobby Reynolds beat Frank Dancevic 5-3 to take an early lead.  Then in atypical fashion, Taylor Townsend finally bested Martina Hingis in Women’s Singles by a score of 5-2. The overall score was 8-7 Philadelphia after two events.

Next Martina Hingis and Leander Paes took the court against Marcelo Melo and Liezel Huber and took the set 5-2.  At intermission the score was 12-10 favor of the Kastles.

Then in a bizarre turn of events, Taylor Townsend and Liezel Huber took the court against Martina Hingis and Anastasia Rodionova for Women’s Doubles.  During play, Taylor Townsend struck a ball that hit Liezel Huber in the head.  After the game, they came off the court and Liezel could not continue – it turns out she had a concussion.  So the Women’s Doubles had to be completed according to WTT rules.  The Kastles played 2 on 1 against Taylor Townsend.  Taylor could not return serves that would have been served to Liezel Huber and could not serve points that would have been served by Liezel Huber.  So basically, when the Kastles served alternating points were the Kastles if they got the ball in the service court and did not double fault.  The Kastles took the set 5-1 with only Men’s Doubles remaining and an overall score of 17-11.

Philadelphia broke the Kastles serve one time to win the Men’s Doubles 5-3 and take the match into overtime with the overall score 20-16.  The Kastles held serve in the first game of overtime and won the match 21-16 and their 4th Eastern Division Championship in a row and 5th in 6 years.

Now it’s off to Springfield, Missouri to play the Springfield Lasers (yet again) in the WTT Championship Match.  The Kastles are going for their 5th WTT Championship and their 4th in a row.  Springfield has been in the finals a number of times but not won the championship, including losses to the Kastles in 2009 and 2013.

Here’s hoping we 4-Peat overall and take down Springfield for the 3rd time in the finals.

On a more somber note, Bobby Reynolds announced that the 2014 WTT Championship Match on Sunday will be his final WTT match for the Kastles.  Bobby is going back to complete his undergraduate degree and be a full time dad since his wife is pregnant with their second child.  Bobby was the only Kastle to play in every single game of the 34 match winning streak including playing in every game of the two perfect seasons.  The fans of Washington will truly miss having Bobby Reynolds on the Kastles court as a part of the home team.

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Well, I Guess It Had to Happen – Kastles Lose to San Diego 22-18

Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later.  The Kastles are now 6-1 after losing every event except Mixed Doubles to the San Diego Aviators.

Somdev Devvarman started out the evening by winning the 9 point tiebreak in Men’s Singles for a 5-4 lead.  Daniella Hantuchova and Kveta Peschke took Women’s Doubles over Martina Hingis and Anastasia Rodionova 5-3 for an overall score of 10-7.  Leander Paes and Martin Hingis took Mixed Doubles 5-2 over Raven Klaasen and Kveta Peschke for an intermission score of 12-12.

But San Diego was evidently on a roll and Hantuchova bested Hingis in Women’s Doubles 5-2 for an overall score of 17-14.  Men’s Doubles went to a 9 point tiebreak and the San Diego Aviators team of Raven Klaasen and Somdev Devvarman won that tiebreak and the match with a final score of 22-18.

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Kastles Down the Freedoms Yet Again – 23-14 at the Smith Center to Remain Undefeated

It appears as if the Kastles love their new home at the Smith Center at George Washington University.  The Kastles remain undefeated by defeating the Philadelphia Freedoms 23-14 with the Freedoms’ owner Billie Jean King in attendance.

The evening started out with Bobby Reynolds posting a 5-1 win over Frank Dancevic of the Freedoms.  Bobby took the only deciding point of the set and broke Dancevic twice during the set and one of the services breaks was a love game receiving serve.  Score after the first event: 5-1 in 20 minutes.

The second set was Women’s Doubles with Martina Hingis and Anastasia Rodionova taking on Taylor Townsend and Liezel Huber.  The Kastles won the only deciding point of the set and broke the Freedoms one to win the set 5-3.  Score after two events: 10-4.

The final set before intermission was Men’s Doubles.  Bobby Reynolds and Leander Paes fell onto hard luck and lost the Men’s Doubles 5-3. Score at intermission: 13-9.

After intermission Martina Hingis took the court in Women’s Singles to try to take down Taylor Townsend yet again.  Though Martina did not win the set 5-0, she did take the set 5-1 for an overall score of 18-10 after 4 events.

All that was left was Mixed Doubles.  Leander Paes and Martina Hingis faced off against Liezel Huber and Marcello Melo.  The Freedoms broke the Kastles but the Kastles broke back on their only break point chance of the set and the set was taken to a 9 point tiebreaker.  The Kastles won the tiebreak 4-2 and the set 5-4.  Overall final score was 23-14 Kastles.

The Kastles are now 6-0, the only undefeated team in all of World Team Tennis and 4 matches ahead of Philadelphia and 5 1/2 matches ahead of Boston.

Next up are the San Diego Aviators on Monday, July 14 at 7:00 PM at The Smith Center.


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And the Kastles Just Keep on Rollin’ Along – Down the Aces 25-10 For a Record of 5-0 on the Season

Well I must say that I am so impressed with the play of the Kastles team in Austin against the Austin Aces.

“Trash Talking” Andy Roddick gotten taken “to school” by Bobby Reynolds in the first event of the night, Men’s Singles.  Bobby took the event 5-3 and broke Roddick’s serve along the way.  I obtained a tremendous amount of satisfaction seeing Bobby beat Andy.

The Aces made the Men’s Doubles event much more competitive but Leander and Bobby won the event in a tiebreaker to win the event 5-4 for an overall score of 10-7.

Then Leander and Martina took to the court for Mixed Doubles before the intermission and that’s when the wheels fell off for Austin.  Leander and Martina smoked the Aces pair of Treat Huey and Vera Zvonareva 5-1 for a an overall score of 15-8 at intermission.

When Martina and Anastasia took the court they equaled the performance from Mixed Doubles and won the event 5-1 for an overall score of 20-9.

Then Martina faced off with Vera Zvonareva in Women’s Singles and Martina finally lost a game – but only one game.  Martina took the event 5-1 for a final score of 25-10 with the Kastles sweeping all five events for the third match in a row.

Next match is Sunday evening when the Philadelphia Freedoms return to the Smith Center to hopefully get another beat down.

Kastles are 5-0 on the season and have reached 17 matches in a row since they lost two matches in a row after they set their 34 game winning streak.


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The Kastles Keep on Rolling with a 25-10 Win Over the Philadelphia Freedoms

With their owner in attendance, Billie Jean King, the Philadelphia Freedoms lost yet again to the Kastles.  The Kastles sent the Freedoms packing with a 25-10 win over Philadelphia.

Kevin Anderson started out the night with a 5-2 win in Men’s Singles.  Anastasia Rodionova and Martina Hingis tallied the same score in Women’s Doubles.  After the first two events the score was 10-4 Kastles.  Leander Paes and Bobby Reynolds took the court for Men’s Doubles and took that event by a score of 5-3.  At intermission it was Kastles 15, Freedoms 7.

After intermission, Martina Hingis took the court and kept her record in Women’s Singles perfect with a 5-0 victory over Taylor Townsend.  That makes Martina 10-0 so far this season in Women’s Singles.

Kevin Anderson and Martina Hingis took the court in Mixed Doubles so that Kevin could serve the first game with his blazing 140+ mile an hour serves.  After the Kastles won that first game Leander Paes substituted in for Kevin Anderson.  The Kastles traded breaks several times with the Freedoms and the Kastles finally held serve at 4-3.  The Kastles then broke the Freedoms to win the event 5-3.

So far the Kastles have not lost a single event at home.

Tomorrow night the Kastles venture off to Austin to take on the Aces with Andy Roddick and Marion Bartoli.

In the Eastern Conference the Kastles are 4-0, Philadelphia is 1-2 and Boston is 0-4.

In the Western Conference Austin is 2-0, Texas is 2-1, San Diego is 1-1 and Springfield is 1-3.


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Smith Center Debut Has Kastles Steaming the Lobsters 25-8

Okay, the Smith Center rocks – the chairback seats are more comfortable than they were at The Wharf or City Center, the Courtside Box Chairs are super plush, the temperature is wonderful and the Kastles played like a team on a mission.

After the visiting team was announced and the Kastles players were announced, Mark Ein took the court and unveiled the 2013 Championship Banner as a gift to the City of Washington, D.C. and Kastles Fans.

The Kastles started of the season with two road wins without Martina Hingis and Kevin Anderson.  That didn’t stop the Kastles – Leander Paes and Martina Hingis took the court to play Mixed Doubles and proceeded to hammer the Lobsters 5 -1 in 16 minutes.

Then Martina took the court in Women’s Singles and won all five games to win 5-0 in a mere 13 minutes.

Then Kevin Anderson took the court in Men’s Singles and in 23 minutes won the event by a score of 5-1.

Intermission score: 15-2 and a total of 52 minutes of play.

After intermission Anastasia Rodionova and Martina Hingis took the court and took it to the Lobsters winning Women’s Doubles 5-2 in 25 minutes.

To end the evening, Kevin Anderson and Leander Paes took the court to play Men’s Doubles.  After Kevin served the first game of the event and won the game, Bobby Reynolds took the court in Kevin’s place and Bobby Reynolds and Leander Paes won the Men’s Doubles in a tiebreaker to win 5-4 for an overall score of 25-8.

The match was completed by 9:45 PM and with walking to the Metro, taking the Orange Line to East Falls Church and driving home to Herndon to my house, I was home by 10:45 PM.  The Kastles are 3-0 and the only undefeated team in WTT.

Tomorrow Night: Philadelphia Freedoms play the Washington Kastles at The Smith Center.

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The Kastles Home Season Finally Starts Today!!!

It’s finally here!!!  The Washington Kastles play their first home match of the year against the Boston Lobsters tonight, July 9 at The Smith Center at GW University.

The Kastles started the season off with a road match at Boston on Monday, 7/7 with a 24-16 win.  The Kastles won 4 of the 5 events, losing the Mixed Doubles (final event) which forced overtime.  The Lobsters won one game in overtime and then the Kastles won one game in overtime to end the match. Jarmila Gajdosova, Anastasia Rodionova, Bobby Reynolds and Leander Paes played for the Kastles.

The second match was a road match in Dallas on Tuesday, 7/8  with a 24-15 Kastles win.  The Kastles won Men’s Singles, lost Women’s Singles and then won Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Men’s Doubles to finish out the match.  Once again, Jarmila Gajdosova, Anastasia Rodionova, Bobby Reynolds and Leander Paes played for the Kastles.  The consecutive win streak is now up to 14 match wins in a row after the prior streak of 34 match wins was broken last season with a loss in the 3rd match to the Texas Wild and a loss in the 4th match to the Springfield Lasers.  The Kastles have been perfect since that Springfield Lasers match last July including the Eastern Conference Championship and the WTT Championship.

The home campaign starts tonight with Kevin Anderson and Martina Hingis added to the mix.  The Kastles will try to keep their record perfect tonight with a win over Boston and go for their 3rd win out of 3 matches in 2014 and their 15th straight match win.

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