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Wimbledon Starts, Kastles Tennis Inches Closer

Well, the Wimbledon fortnight has started with my beloved Williams sisters both winning.  Venus faced off against fellow Kastle Madison Brengle and won in straight sets in 42 minutes 6-0, 6-0.  Serena started off her quest for her third slam of the year by winning in straights 6-4, 6-1.  It was not without drama, Serena was broken in her first service game but got the break back later in the set and then broke to win the set 6-4.  After that it was off to the races for Serena with a 6-1 second set.

New Kastle Denis Kudla won his match in 5 sets.  New Kastle Sam Querrey will play on Tuesday and is also partnered with Steve Johnson in the Men’s Doubles.

Martina Hingis will be playing in Women’s Doubles with Sania Mirza and Mixed Doubles with Leander Peas.  Leander will also be in the Men’s Doubles with Daniel Nestor.

Anastasia Rodionova will be playing doubles with her sister Arina and Serena and Venus are seeded 12th in the Women’s Doubles draw.

I would love to see Leander and Martina win in Mixed, Venus and Serena facing Martina and Sania in the Women’ Doubles final (I would still have to hope for a Williams Sisters win) and Serena winning her third major of the year so she would have a shot at the calendar year slam at the U. S. Open (and of course a shot at tying Stefi Graf).

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We Are Getting Closer…

Only 19 more days until the first match of the season (in Boston) and only 21 days until the first home match at the Smith Center at GWU.  And this season we have the pleasure of having two 5:00 PM matches – one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday.

I will be nice to be done with those matches around 8:30 PM so that the after party is a realistic thing.  That’s one of the disadvantages of a 7:00 PM match time since the matches usually run until 10:30 PM and by the time the after party would start it would be time to hop on the metro for the final train of the night.

I must honestly say that the most memorable after parties have been after championship matches.  After the 2009 Championship Match it was wonderful to be able to sit with the team after their victory at the rooftop pool at the Donovan House.  Also before and after the 2012 Eastern Division Championship to be able to spend time with the team on Daniel Island was memorable.  But one of the most fun times was after the 2013 Championship at Cantina Marina near Kastles Stadium at The Wharf after the Kastles soundly defeated the Springfield Lasers after a rain delay.

Only three weeks until the first home match – 21, 20, 19…

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The Countdown Begins to Kastles Tennis…

Well I am “chompin’ at the bit” waiting for the Washington Kastles World Team Tennis to begin.  Only 29 more days until the first match of the season (in Boston) and only 31 days until the first home match at the Smith Center at GWU.

This should definitely be an interesting season as the Kastles try to win another WTT Championship.  If the Kastles are fortunate enough to make it into the playoffs and win the Eastern Division Championship, then the WTT Championship match would be played at the Smith Center.  With Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Martina Hingis, Leander Paes, Sam Querrey, Anastasia Rodionova and Madison Brengle playing for Coach Murphy Jensen it should be a fantastic season.

And finally (drum roll please) I will be able to take the Metro from Reston to Foggy Bottom-GWU on a single train and not have to deal with Dulles Toll Road traffic and tolls and I-66 traffic.  I can either drive to the Reston Metro station and park there for a 37 minute ride to Foggy Bottom or I can hop on a Fairfax Connector bust at Reston Town Center for a 9 minute bus ride to the Metro station and not have to park at the Metro station.  Either way, my commute to the Smith Center will be no more than one hour, a far cry from how long it took last year.

Only 31 days until the first home match…

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Serena Does It Again – 20 Major Titles

I must honestly say that Serena Williams never ceases to amaze me and continually reminds why she is my favorite tennis player of all time.

Watching the Williams sisters being the subject of an ESPN story when Venus and Serena weren’t even teenagers yet gave me an inkling that both sisters were going to be great, great tennis players.

I remember seeing her win her first major at the 1999 U. S. Open.  I remember seeing her capture the “Serena Slam” after she won the Australian Open in 2003.  I remember seeing her get the Golden Slam after winning the Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games.  I remember seeing her equal Billie Jean King’s twelve major titles at the 2010 Australian Open and then seeing her move past Billie Jean with her 13th major title at Wimbledon later that year.  I remember seeing her equal Martina Navratilova’s and Chris Evert’s 18 major titles at the U. S. Open last year.  And then surpassing Martina and Chris with number 19 at the Australian Open this year with only Steffi Graf (22) and Margaret Court (24) ahead of her.

And then to see her take one step closer at the French Open this weekend makes catching Steffi Graf a possibility.  And if she did it this year by winning Wimbledon and the US Open she would also capture the calendar year Grand Slam.

I certainly remember seeing her in person for the first time at the 2004 US Open.  The next time I saw Serena in person was when she played for my beloved Washington Kastles in 2008.  Of source, I saw her every time she played for the Kastles at home.

And thank goodness she is back with the Kastles this year and I will get to see her in person again.

Congratulations Serena – you are an exceptional champion and I love you dearly.


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Congratulations to my neice

I spent the past weekend in Chicago attending my niece’s college graduation.  My niece (my brother’s daughter) is Dawn Krynitsky and Dawn decided a number of years ago that she was going to pursue her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

Let me explain that I considered this a daunting task.  Dawn is the comptroller of a software as a full time employee.  Dawn also is the owner of Simple Solutions Accounting Services, Inc. and provides tax accounting and small business bookkeeping to varied clients.  In addition, Dawn runs a household with four of her five children still living at home.

In spite of all of the challenges and work load that would make many people raise both hands up in the air and give “stop signals” Dawn earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Kaplan University and did it with flair – she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a  GPA of 3.98.

Needless to say, I am quite proud of my niece.  And I found out her older son is going to be a father this December.  So I will be a great-grand uncle!!!

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