Was a Weird Kastles Season

It was definitely a strange tennis season for me.  The Kastles were lackluster – Martina played a limited number of matches and Leander was not on the team this year.

It was the Tenth Anniversary Season of the Kastles and true to form, Mark Ein did it right.  Every match but one of the seven home matches had give-aways and that seventh match was when Venus Williams was in town.

In typical Mark Ein fashion (being ultra high class) he provided long time season ticket holders with a special perk – a pre-match photo opportunity with Venus Williams with photos taken by a professional with the photo being framed by the Kastles and sent to the season ticket holder.

I can’t think of one instance when Mark Ein didn’t do it the right way.  He is a role model for all sports team owners.  The other sports franchise owners could take a lesson from Mr. Ein.

It was also strange to not have Serena on tour and at the slams.  Hopefully she will be back from her pregnancy leave next year.  If she doesn’t make the Australian Open I would expect her back at Wimbledon if she comes back.

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