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Volt Family Meal Still Impresses

I must say I am completely impressed with Volt Family Meal in Ashburn, VA at One Loudon after having dined at Family Meal four times in the month of March.  My first visit was when they had been open for a week and today was my fourth visit.  After two dinners and two lunches I absolutely have to give Family Meal a huge stamp of approval for service, decor and food.

I have been to dinner by myself twice – once during the week and once on the weekend.  Both times food was outstanding, service was outstanding and the bill reasonable for the experience and food provided.  Both times I have gone for lunch have been on a Sunday with companions.  The food has not disappointed at any of the four visits and the service only had a minor issue during one visit and that shortcoming was addressed by the assistant manager of the restaurant without asking him for any accommodation – the accommodation was offered by the assistant manager due to their short time being open.  He made it a point to make sure I understood that it was extremely important for them to make sure they had loyal customers that would return again and again.  They want to have long term relationships with their clientele and it showed.

Other than the one service issue on one visit everything else has been flawless at Family Meal.

I am glad we finally have a “destination restaurant” in our part of the Washington, DC area that is worth the trip every time.

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Volt Family Meal – A Fantastic Restaurant Opens in One Loudon

I have been waiting for Volt Family Meal to open in Ashburn, VA at One Loudon.  Volt Family Meal is the brainchild of Brian Voltaggio and his partner Hilda Staples.  Think of comfort food elevated to a level approaching fine dining but in a “stuffy free” environment.

There are extremely interesting items on the menu in all categories.  I had a hard time deciding between items in each menu category (appetizer, entrée, desert).  I finally settled on deviled eggs as the appetizer based on the server’s recommendation.  They were probably the best deviled eggs I have ever tasted.  Perfectly boiled eggs with an elegantly piped yolk mixture that was silky smooth, seasoned with a very mild kick and topped with double smoked applewood bacon and chives.  And it was a nice generous portion of four half eggs.

There was an entrée that was on the menu in the restaurant that was not on the website and I opted for that – A barbeque pork chop, cornbread puree (huh?) and braised cabbage.  The great thing about the pork chop was that the barbeque sauce was a brown sugar based sauce that was spicy enough to be very flavorful but it was not over spicy and did not overpower the perfectly cooked, succulent pork chop.  The cornbread puree was surprising – it was incredibly delicious and the braised cabbage was perfectly seasoned and perfectly cooked and worked amazingly well with the pork chop.  A truly satisfying entrée that would fit in any fine dining restaurant and served with impecable presentation.  The desert was a tough choice but I finally decided on their signature desert – butterscotch pudding, shortbread, bruleed banana and whipped cream served in a cylindrical mason jar.  Absolutely delicious and worth every calorie.

This is a restaurant worth the tab, worth the drive and well worth repeating over and over again.

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